Nepal is a multifaceted display typeface. It is inspired by geometry, fractal patterns found in nature, backcountry navigation, and the sharp mountain peaks of Nepal.

Nepal Motion is one of the first fonts of its kind. Below you will find a link titled "MOTION" containing individually animated capital letters of Nepal Bold. These individual .mov letter files can be composed together to form words. By using various software, designers can make title intros, name slates, abstract patterns, shapes, textures, and more.

Bold: the most ornate font of the family—juxtaposes thick and thin strokes with calculated geometric shapes; its dimensional terminators provide structural stability and spatial depth

Medium: the little brother to bold—draws the thick stroke from bold; its letter terminators replicate bold’s angles while achieving acute precision

Lite: draws the thin stroke from bold—it is equally proportionate to the other weights and together these three fonts create an arsenal of tools